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How to use Free Bike Share Melbourne location

  • Click on Get current location button
  • Agree the application can use your location
  • If the accuracy is low (i.e. greater than 50), get the location again
  • Use the links to: see your location on the map; email your bike location to the bike owner; SMS the location to the bike owner.

Free Bike Share Melbourne Location instructions

When you asked to use a bike the owner sent you a map link to locate the bike. Now that you've finished with the bike you need to let the owner know where you are leaving the bike. Get a fairly accurate location of your current position with the bike and send either an email or an SMS to the owner with the current location of the bike.

Note that you may have to click on the Get current location button a number of times until you get an accurate location. This may take a few attempts.

The Show Map link has been provided so you can see your current location on a map, which is the same as the link in the email. Sending the email to yourself is an easy way to know where you've parked the bike, making it easier to find. You can edit the email should you wish to record any other information. Just make sure you don't affect the website address.

Free Bike Share Melbourne Location was so you record a bike's location so you can easily return to the bike when needed, and to let the owner know the current location of the bike when you've finished using it. You can also use the link to let others know where you are if you're meeting someone.

Location accuracy

Very few people probably notice at times the GPS reading on the mobile phones isn't initially very accurate. If you open a mapping application the blue dot for your current location will initially not be where you are. If you then watch the dot it will gradually move to your location. To get a usable accurate location the web app requires you to obtain the accurate location. Around 10 the location is very accurate. Around 50 the location can be within a house block. Around 100 perhaps a couple of houses away. At a minimum you should aim to get your location accuracy to be under 50.

  • If your email client isn't set up, or you want to use another application to share the link, press down and hold on the Show Map link. The options that appear should include copy link address. You can then paste the link into your desired application. The link is for Apple maps, but if you're not using an Apple device, the link gets opened using Google maps.

  • If you only wanted your GPS latitude and longitude location, use the above tip to copy the link address and when you paste, edit out everything except the GPS coordinates.



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